Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It- Going Vintage by Lindsay Leavitt

When Mallory catches her boyfriend Jeremy “cheating” on her with an online “wife” in a virtual reality game, she decides she’s had enough of modern technology and decides to eschew all things 21st Century. Inspired by an old dress that belonged to her grandmother and a 1962 yearbook, she decides that the ’60s must have been a magical time in which life was simpler and far less stressful. But grandma assures her that the ’60s were not exactly the Happy Days Mallory dreams that they were.

This book is interesting…I felt like it took a long time for the “real” plot to develop. It’s cute to watch Mallory fumble through her classes without the help of the Internet and make phone calls on a real phone, etc…but Grandma acts kind of weird about helping Mallory finish her dress for the homecoming dance and you just know there’s something up with grandma and even though I suspected that I knew the answer…it took forever to find out what it was. There were other plot developments that made me wonder how the author thought to combine them into one story and yet….it’s not bad. I liked the addition of the Eagle Scout (not enough of those in books in my opinion), a character who has a passion for the past (especially pop culture stuff) so just when I thought maybe it wasn’t the book for me, I would realize that I really did like it.

My advice for this is one is to definitely pick it up at the library and give it a try. Either you will really like it or you won’t but if you “borrow it” you have nothing to lose either way.


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