Buy It Borrow It or Bag It: Going Clear by Lawrence Wright

I’m not going to lie: This book is NOT light reading, but it is thorough. Like everyone  else, I have heard a lot about Scientology over the past year, and I’ve seen a few  documentaries on L. Ron Hubbard, so I was pretty interested in hearing what Wright had  to say on the subject. I hoped and essentially got a well-put together account of the  origins of the movement and its evolution. Perhaps the only issue I had with the book is  that it was very dull at times. If you are really interested in Scientology, it’s enlightening, but does not outline a lot of the dogmatic principles (Yes, it does cover the purported sacred OTIII texts.) I got through it and I am glad I read it, but I am equally glad that I did not pay for it and was able to check it out of the library.

Borrow it if it interests you.


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