Buy It, Borrow It, or Bag It- Girl Out Loud By Emily Gale

I had high hopes for this book. As a matter of fact, I went half crazy trying to find this book  again after spotting it in Barnes & Noble one day and like an idiot, NOT writing it down. I fell in  love with the cover and loved the idea about an over-the-top father pressing his daughter to try  out for an American Idol-type reality show. One small problem: Kass Kennedy can’t sing.

Despite the cover photo that implies the book is about a singing…something, I was disappointed to learn that the storyline more or less centers around Dad’s bi-polar mood swings and Mom’s inability to effectively deal with him. I also had a problem when Kass meets a guy named Cass…I mean-that’s cute, but really? Could you not have come up with a different name? Nearly halfway through the book I realized I’d made a mistake and I can’t honestly blame it on the story…I think there is a disconnect between how it is packaged and what it is really about and that can be unsettling for readers. I may have to revisit this one in time, but at the moment, I am a little bummed that I spent $18 on it. I say, Bag It.


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