Buy It Borrow It or Bag It- “Be Our Guest” by The Disney Institute

Having just got back from a long overdue Disney vacation, it is appropriate that this week’s “Buy It, Borrow It or Bag It” would be this volume from the Disney Institute. “Be Our Guest” is the inside look at Disney’s approach to customer service. If you’ve ever been to the happiest place on earth, you know that none of the employees EVER seem to be in a bad mood. What’s their secret? Bigger salaries? Better work environment? Brainwashing? Happy Pills? (Believe it or not, employees are asked about the latter ALL the time!)

The truth of the matter is that it is part company philosophy, part the people who work there and yes, part magic…This book sheds a little bit of light on how Disney attracts and keeps its caliber of employees and how they help those employees take “ownership” of their role in the Disney cast. It also demonstrates the attention to detail that is paid to every area of the park and how “cast members” strive to “give that little extra” to make each guest experience the best it can be. While I love recommending fiction titles, this non-fiction book is a fast read that is sure to intrigue and perfect for anyone who has ever been to one of the Disney parks or is planning a trip there in the near future. I also recommend reading it prior to going rather than reading it on the plane home (like I did.) At the very least borrow it, but if you are a Disney buff, Buy It.



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