Buy It Borrow It or Bag It- Agent Colt Shore Domino 29 by Axel Avian

When an ordinary kid learns he’s the heir to a secret agent dynasty, FALCON puts him on  a case to protect a famous rock group and find a missing journalist. Before he knows it, Colt  Shore has gone from bodyguard to rock star to full-fledged agent when he learns that a human  trafficking ring plans to kidnap a group of teenage girls. It will take more than his ingenuity,  skills and a couple of cool gadgets to protect his new friends and rescue the captured girls before it’s too late.


This is a fast read that will appeal to many. To make the book even more interesting, the author grew up in an organization not unlike FALCON after the mysterious deaths of both of his parents. Though he is no longer an active agent, his work lends a level of authenticity to the prose making this a unique read that adventurous types will enjoy. I know of at least one teenage boy who waxed poetically about this book and said it was a lot of fun and I think it is a fascinating tale. Go for it. Buy it or Borrow it!



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